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man now youre all late for sending him something

YA KNOW AT HERE IT’S INNI SPETM… SEPTEMBER! so if anythen im early

aslo the emburrasmen is sent

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…..Do yu mean dis???


dat ain’t mah dad….

or didya mean, oh OH I SEE ya meent Oliver, I MEAN ARTHER! Arhur* Arthur** Olver, Olives, I don’t even. Fuck dat shet, I dun give a fuq hwo does one write fuq, FUCK. Yes I am still dunk, drunk. Lookat the shitte hanwriting, lordy.

I coud send ‘em a massage, I meen message. but prolly no good, he would notis that i’m sort of drunk. He’s a fassy, fussypats, pants.

SHOULDI?? WRITE? it’s your gais foult if he noticeses.

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((Just dropping by to say that I really love your art style. I'm bummed that I didn't find this blog sooner, actually. I admire you so much! And Australia's personality is so... ACTUALLY Australian, you know? All stereotypes aside, I can actually see him as an Australian citizen. I'm glad for the realistic portrayal, since most people tend to go a bit overboard (in my opinion). Thank you for being awesome~! >3<))

((Ajsajsianjn thank you so much!! Loving my art style, oh lord have mercy you’re a kind one ;W; Also, admire me? Oh dear! Actually blushing right here! >//u//<
It’s funny because I based him a bit on an australian I knew when I was younger who had a very..uhm, down-tuned Australiaism so to speak. She actually didn’t want to say to me where she came from, due to how many who had bothered her with the endless “G’day mate!” just because she’s simply Australian. I felt I wanted to show a bit of that in Chris, but still an underlying pride of his home. Now I’m rambling, but I’m so happy that he still seems Australian even if I mostly don’t know how to show that. Mostly it’s because I don’t want to write/draw wrong, so I tend to focus more on his personality. STILL I’M SO HAPPY WHAT A WONDERFUL THING TO FIND IN MY INBOX ;//7//; ))

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I love bilbys!! >w<

Me too!!!!!!!!

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Heh, well dats funny question anon! 

He’s mah best frien, been that since i was a anklebitah, an besides my caretakers, he wus the one i admirde most, but in a diffrnt way back then. i wrote letters to him whenevah i coudl and he asnwered all of them. i even learnd a bit german but that i kept a secret! now we jkoe and see eachothers much more i trulley can’t explaine it. it jus is! 

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ask-2p-preussen replied to your photo: Hhah! I didn’ know you had a thing fo mah heels,…

I am going to punch you sober.

Come at meh mate. Aslo ya need ta be here for that, ha.

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hay gurl.

I ain’t seein’ no hay.